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Services Offered 

Staging Consultation

We will spend up to 2 hrs in your home and go from the curb to the closets. This is the perfect choice for the " do it yourselfer." We will go through every space and give recommendations on how to optimize each space to its fullest potential. We will discussee paint colors, furniture placement or removal, lighting and the use of accessories. This consultation will provide the home owner on things that need to be packed away, recommendations on repairs if needed, paint and how to declutter each space.  When finished the seller will have everything they need to help make the home sell faster!

Occupied Home Stage

Not the " do it Yourselfer." The occupied home staging starts with a consultation. We provided half day ( up to 4hrs) and full day ( up to 8hrs) packages depending on what your home needs and size. We also have the ability to provided accessories and furniture that are rented from our inventory to have your home come to life and appeal to all buyers. 

Vacant Home Stage

Why stage a vacant home? Vacant rooms appear smaller. Without a frame of reference its difficult for buyers to tell the size and scale of a room. Homes that are vacant start with a assessment of the home. We will provide a detailed plan on rooms needed to be staged so buyers will be able to visualize themselves in the home. 


Want to love your home again? We can provide services from personal shopping to picking out materials to make your home feel brand new. 

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